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Wormholes and Deserts

Farscape presents a thrilling tale of tough moral choices characters are obliged to make at a breakneck pace. It's also an episode where the duplication of its main character several episodes back starts to fulfil its ultimate potential.

Season Three, Episode Fifteen: Infinite Possibilities, Part II: Icarus Abides

The fantastic action of Part I keeps its stride in Part II. Rygel (Jonathan Hardy) is injured in the turret outside while Aeryn (Claudia Black) finds herself confronting a Crichton (Ben Browder) now possessed by the Scorpius clone, who seems a lot less like a pooka now.

But this is only death throws as the Ancient, "Jack" (Kent McCord), informs Aeryn and soon a newly liberated Crichton finds himself helping Jack construct that very same wormhole weapon Scorpius and the Scarrans are racing to get their hands on. And speaking of the Scarrans, Crais (Lani Tupu) and Stark (Paul Goddard) find themselves having to deal with one on the bridge of Talyn.

I love how Stark is able to foil the Scarran's heat ray truth serum by telling him the truth--that he hates Crais and was his slave. It just goes to show the complexities of sentient relationships can't always be divided into "true" and "false".

In the main story, Furlow (Magda Szubanski) is starting to look more devious and Aeryn and Crichton are becoming surer of their affections for each other. Crichton's less sure about Jack's ability to stop with killing a Scarran dreadnought once the weapon's finished but Crichton doesn't have much choice but to help him. This episode has betrayal as well as unexpected loyalty (Stark for Crais), again exploring the theme of aberrant relationships. After this episode, Aeryn's relationship with Crichton is going to become weirder and more complicated. Crichton himself reaches a peace of sorts but, really, his fate is unfair. Browder never stops looking a bit crazy and the perpetual pain and confusion of his experience is always visible on his face. So his final line, borrowed from Douglas Fairbanks, is even more effective in conveying his courage; "I've never felt better."

The episode has some incredibly effective action, including the dune buggy chase before a finale that rivals Gunbuster in terms of intergalactic destruction.

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Farscape is available now on Amazon Prime.

This entry is part of a series I'm writing on
Farscape for the show's 20th anniversary. My previous reviews can be found here (episodes are in the order intended by the show's creators rather than the broadcast order):

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