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A New Who Season?

A new trailer premiered yesterday for an upcoming season of Doctor Who. There's nothing very remarkable in it but I can't think of any season trailers ever really capturing any of the things genuinely interesting about their seasons. Aside from the appearance of the Cybermen and the Judoon, it could almost be a trailer for Jodie Whittaker's first season for as much as it shows.

The Doctor's in trouble, she wears an ill-fitting tux, something's coming for her. Same old gaggle of intensely dull companions.

I loved how the Cybermen were used in the Twelfth Doctor's era, both in his first season and his final season. I liked how they supported the ongoing theme about military in Twelve's first season and the theme about conformity in his third. It's disappointing to see Thirteen's Cybermen are going to be relying on the Power Rangers look instead of going back to the Tenth Planet look. Though I never really found the Cybermen effective after The Invasion, certainly not in the 80s, though I quite like The Silver Nemesis.

I guess it's kind of remarkable there's nothing noticeably new in the trailer. Though with Thirteen, I've come to expect banal.
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