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The Purgatory of Dead Voices

On Farscape, the crew of Talyn head to a planet where it's purportedly possible to contact the dead. But Aeryn spends her time drinking alone in her room . . .

Season Three, Episode Seventeen: The Choice

Aeryn (Claudia Black) is faced with a choice to live without Crichton (Ben Browder) or to die. Well, there are complications, like the other Crichton back on Moya, but he's really not exactly the same guy at this point, having different memories. And even if they did share memories, would we then say one Crichton's death means nothing? However perfect the substitute--in this case, thoroughly--is it really possible to replace a person?

Another complication is that some shady characters on this planet are promising Aeryn they can resurrect the dead Crichton. If it's a con, it's a good one, because dead people are turning up all over the place--Rygel (Jonathan Hardy) spots Aeryn's mother (Lind Cropper), Stark (Paul Goddard) starts to hear Zhaan's (Virginia Hey) voice, and Aeryn runs into a man claiming to be her father (John Gregg).

Though he's a bit worse for wear, among other things.

There's a nice mood established with this episode. Aeryn in her uncharacteristically passive suede dress in a trashed room is set against the graffiti and blinking neon night indicating a clear Bladerunner influence.

Claudia Black's performance is very good as we watch her trying to come to terms with the fact that, while there may be a way to negotiate death's verdict, it may not be healthy to continue down that rabbit hole. One of the figures who tempts her is another extraordinarily effective puppet, a strange baby creature with four eyes.

It's a puppet with many evocative points of articulation.

Crais (Lani Tupu), Rygel, and Stark all make good contributions to the episode. I loved Aeryn mocking Stark and Crais for their desire to sleep with her influencing them and it's very cruel how she condemns Stark's desire to help her as being a manifestation of his libido. Rygel, meanwhile, is almost a father figure to her in this episode, floating up to her from the city while she stands at the edge of the window, making her decision.

. . .

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This entry is part of a series I'm writing on
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