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Did You Know . . . ?

I got caught in two traffic jams to-day, and had to take one detour due to what must have been—judging from the blocked off side streets, cones, and ambulances--a horrific accident.

I love being in slow traffic. I get a lot of thinking and daydreaming in that way.

I never found out what the accident was.

Anyway, I was supposed to work on the new Boschen and Nesuko script to-day, and I slowly did write six pages of it over the course of the day. I wrote the first two pages twice, in fact. Then, two lattes later and a lot of steering wheel contemplating, I thought of how to write a couple more pages, and did so at the Starbucks at the mall. Then two more pages flowed very easily onto the computer after I'd mulled over them while spending time aimlessly walking and driving.

And now I think I know two ways the last two pages could go, and I'll wait for the morrow to decide. Otherwise, all I did to-day was play Jedi Academy at Tim's for a couple hours, and watch an episode of Firefly.

Oh, and I had a big, delicious veggie burrito at a place rather mysteriously named "Villa Mexican." One day, I'd like to open a place called "Booth and Bar Container."
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