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Out for Food

I finally saw a pair of shoes when I went out for groceries. This little pair of kids shoes was neatly placed by the roadside.

I also finally got some decent pictures of the wild koi I've been seeing in the canals and rivers that are everywhere.

This was a group hanging out around a drainage pipe. I guess the weird currents must be exciting.

I also saw my first Japanese spider.

Nothing too exciting. Maybe next time I'll see a big black one with AKUMA written in red kanji on the abdomen.

Among other things, I was picking up coffee at the grocery store. I've been getting Doutor coffee, a brand I'm really starting to like. Their shops are better equipped for laptops here and their store bought coffee has a handy little bonus feature.

It comes in what look like little tea bags with strange bits of cardboard on the side. You rip off the top and fold out the cardboard on your cup like so:

It's not just coffee grounds, it's a coffee filter and rudimentary coffee maker. You boil water in a kettle and pour it slowly into the open top.

If I'd known about this, I'd have held off buying a coffee pot. The best part is that it allows you to steep the coffee, like a French press, so you can make strong coffee with the small bit of grounds in the bag. It's really good.
Tags: coffee, japan, koi, shoes, spider
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