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The Surrounding Water

There's one of the trains I normally take to work.

I love all the canals and rivers running through Kashihara. They're beautiful in themselves but they're also populated by gorgeous wildlife.

Lately I've been seeing a lot of what I think are prawns in a little gutter in the neighbourhood near my school.

At first I thought they were crayfish but when I googled Japanese crayfish I discovered the only ones in Japan are far north of here. But these seem big for prawns, especially their pinchers. I wonder if someone in the neighbourhood is keeping them to sell to local markets.

I've been seeing some good sunsets lately.

Twitter Sonnet #1367

Configured words resemble stars and snakes.
A counted void amounts to something big.
For all the planets give the aether takes.
Ideas were crammed beneath the moonless wig.
The sleepy cable dripped the inter-line.
The maker shook to spill the coffee bean.
The optic world a deed was forced to sign.
The tale was crammed to fit a minute scene.
Another moon replaces movie tapes.
In time the garden disks were mirror eyes.
For taste the peepers touch the bite of grapes.
And all the host were stuffed in stranger pies.
A starry figure tramped behind the sound.
The life of songs continues 'neath the ground.
Tags: japan, kashihara, water, wildlife
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