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Brought to You by Rain

Anyone know what kind of bug this is? I think it's a cicada but I can't seem to find this kind with the pine needle wings when I google. I feel pretty sure I've seen them in anime before.

It's the end of a rainy week with more rain to come here in Kashihara, Japan. I was home from school for two days due to the emergency but luckily, unlike other parts of Japan, there were no fatalities here.

I've been seeing more and more cats lately. And spiders, especially these little green ones.

Here's a picture of me from a school poster. I'm on the left. I have absolutely no memory of what I was doing. No clue what my hands are doing.

Twitter Sonnet #1371

Remaining gold awaits beneath the sod.
The seconds ticked across the granite slate.
Impassive beats surround the nervous god.
A heavy question touched the burdened pate.
Reluctant webs deploy about the bug.
A shaky grid becomes a tangled mesh.
The fire wants a kind of liquid hug.
Becoming real requires bone and flesh.
The dance remembered floats upon the pool.
In sequence stars became a drifting line.
Along the branch we wrote a single rule.
We fell asleep beneath the silent pine.
Assorted bugs require certain smells.
There's certain songs would ring the wooden bells.
Tags: bugs, cats, english, japan, spiders

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