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The Last Leaves

Autumn continues apace here in Kashihara but a few leaves are stubbornly hanging on.

These crows were busily ransacking some garbage before I walked up.

The rice harvest continues apace, too:

A couple days ago, I was in the old broadcasting club room at the school where I work. The teacher I was with didn't know how long it'd been since the room had been used.

The school is around 50 years old so it could be the room hasn't been used in quite a while.

Well, I guess it was recently enough for there to be CDs.

There are more and more spiders about getting bigger and bigger.

Twitter Sonnet #1404

Expressions faced a nose of smelly love.
According grace to capes, the ball began.
A gentle hand presents a golden dove.
A flipping film alights inside the can.
A purple pillow held a gummi ring.
The ticking finger fixed the broken clock.
Redundant tinkers bade the kettle sing.
A buoyant wind conducts the captive sock.
The certain end was only seen at night.
Some time had passed and blossoms full were liked.
Considered flowers fell behind the light.
A secret bat was waiting late to strike.
The laundry waits for years to wear itself.
The Christmas dreams for shoes to shod the elf.
Tags: autumn, fall, kashihara
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