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Sleeping Patterns Are For Lost Sewing Instructions

And now it's 7am and I slept for about twelve hours. It's wrong to feel this tired after twelve hours of sleep. It's indecent.

I did break at midnight and stayed up until after The Daily Show at 1:30am. I suppose I'm lucky The Colbert Report is reruns this week.

Honestly, I'm worried I'll be in no state to get anything done. And that angers me.

I meant to go to Taco Bell yesterday and never did. However, I had two or three dreams involving Taco Bell last night. I think I'm meant to confront Taco Bell to-day and I've a feeling, if I don't, I shall never become a Jedi.

But on the bright side, this will be the first Thursday in a very long time that won't be a horrible inconvenience.
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