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Noon Can Eat Paste of Cow Tongue

I can't seem to draw a straight line with a ruler to-day. And boy, without a ruler, my pencil almost invariably takes the scenic route between points. I did pencil and ink for the first Boschen and Nesuko page to-day. It took five hours. A little more complicated than I expected. And then there's this weird funk. Well, perhaps it's not so weird for someone who's just had his sleeping pattern inverted against his will.

I caught the new Bill Maher last night. The man seems off his game. I remember when I used to consider Politically Incorrect the pinnacle of political comedy television, with The Daily Show a good but sometimes misguided second. Now things seem to have reversed.

Real Time did help me stay up until 9pm, though. So I made the astonishingly normal slumber run of 9pm to 5am.

I did get a good long walk in yesterday. I made a big circuit through several commercial areas, ending up at Target. Which reminds me--a few days ago, when I was looking through video games at Target, I heard a guttural voice behind me say, ". . . then they cut off your head and piss and crap and shit in it." I turned around and there was a hairless dwarf dressed in black, watching me. He beat a hasty retreat down another aisle.

I have to go back to sleeping during the day.
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