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Death and a Wedding and Time Travel

Donna Noble continued her bad luck wedding streak in the 2016 Doctor Who audio play "Death and the Queen". A primarily comedic and solidly written script from James Goss is turned to gold by performances from David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

It begins in the French Riviera in the 18th century where Donna (Tate) meets a handsome prince while playing roulette. She accepts his marriage proposal despite the Doctor's (Tennant) misgivings arising from the fact that he's never heard of Prince Rudolph's (Blake Ritson) country. Donna, for the opportunity of being Queen, isn't overly concerned by such trivial details.

Alice Krige plays the Queen Mum of the mystery country and she and Tate have a lot of amusing verbal sparring. Most of the good stuff is between Tennant and Tate, though, who have brilliant chemistry as always.

"Death and the Queen" is available at Big

Twitter Sonnet #1432

The light of jellied suns assumes the room.
Responses taped the painted wall to wood.
The broken hands were scraped along the loom.
A leaking engine shakes beneath the hood.
A truncheon scraped the beggar's broken drum.
The vanished thief is sleeping close at night.
The heater yields a steady, aimless hum.
Distracted drunks believe they drank the right.
The circling earth was not the kind to see.
The tasty stones were churning arms away.
We gather leaves to dress the naked tree.
Invited late, the night disturbs the day.
The butter layer thinly coats the cake.
A fleet of flowers sank beneath the lake.
Tags: audio play, death and the queen, doctor who, tenth doctor

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