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The Past TV Dictates the Future TV

And I'm still watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I gather the younger generations aren't really impressed by the series. Who'd have thought Friends would retain more pop cultural currency? I guess a lot of people, it was always more mainstream. The special effects on Buffy certainly haven't aged well.

There's also the lack of a proper HD release and Joss Whedon's name mysteriously being mud in Hollywood because he cheated on his wife. How can that sink someone's career in this day and age? Then there's the mysterious behind the scenes drama with his Justice League reshoots. I feel like no-one's taking Ray Fisher's allegations seriously anymore, he seems pretty clearly to be trying to make PR hay. The vague rumour about Whedon locking Gal Gadot in a room seems to be holding more water. When Warners said they were taking "remedial action" following the investigation prompted by Fisher's allegations, I assumed it was kicking Whedon off the new series about Victorian crime fighting women he created for HBO Max. Now I'm starting to wonder if he left that show for different reasons because iO9 just published a new positive review of Firefly, Whedon's popular, prematurely cancelled series from a couple decades ago. Since iO9 seems to be completely a corporate shill at this point, I assume very few articles get written by them unless a studio asked or paid for it. Which makes me wonder if a Firefly relaunch is on the horizon. We are in the age of relaunches and reboots, and, Whedon's phony controversies aside, there are few properties more deserving.

Another of those few is obviously Twin Peaks. Are any of you still watching David Lynch's weather reports? In the past couple he's referred to douglas firs and cherry pie.

That stuff about the ice cream and the cherry pie having been refrigerated makes me wonder if his new Wisteria series is a spin-off of Twin Peaks. Obviously that would be much more exciting than a Firefly continuation but I'd be very happy to see both. In any case, the massive influence Twin Peaks and Buffy continue to have on new television and film ensures they'll have at least one kind of immortality.
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