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Winds of Spring

Spring is definitely getting more aggressive around here. Not all the cherries are blossoming but many of them are--a bit earlier than usual from what I hear. Temperatures got up to 20 Celsius here in Kashihara, Japan, yesterday, and I can't believe I'm starting to think in Celsius.

There was a hard rain unexpectedly to-day with howling winds to go with it. I was in the middle of giving an interview test to a student when all the windows started rattling. I was on the top, fourth, floor of the big junior high school. I heard people rushing to close the windows followed by the sounds of teachers mopping floors. A half an hour later I saw two girls giggling, opening and closing a window to feel the wind like switching a giant fan on and off.

It sure does get windy around here. Every time, I still think, "Of course, it's the Kurosawa wind."

Tags: kurosawa, spring, wind

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