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Our Stewarts, Comedies, and Herzogs

See the human Simpsons. A strangely invigorating video, that.

I didn't realise until last night that Stephen Colbert was five for five on his Oscar predictions, using his DaColbert Code. Weird. But that man's happiness is infectious. I have to wonder if he was somehow tipped off, since his Executive Producer, Jon Stewart, was host of the Oscars.

I've been hearing some pretty widely varying opinions on Stewart's performance as host. Roger Ebert seems to feel he did perfectly fine. While over at MSNBC, , Stewart's labelled an "Oscar failure."

Some people are saying Stewart was funny, but the crowd didn't get it. Some are saying Stewart wasn't funny at all. Sometimes I think the comedic languages of individual television hosts and comedians are a bit rarefied, that you need to come from certain dialect groups or something. I know I'm a little mystified as to why Bill Hicks is considered funny. I agree with just about everything he says, but he just sounds to me like a guy expressing some views. Yet there're several people I respect who think he's dynamite. So I don't know.

I don't have a lot of time to-day. So I leave you with this delicious quote from Werner Herzog, taken from Roger Ebert's "Answer Man" section;

"Sure, centuries from now our great-great-great-grandchildren will look back at us with amazement at how we could allow such a precious achievement of human culture as the telling of a story to be shattered into smithereens by commercials, the same amazement we feel today when we look at our ancestors for whom slavery, capital punishment, burning of witches, and the inquisition were acceptable everyday events."

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