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Arguably Pretty Pictures

Again, I'm pressed for time. On Monday, mellawyrden noted that it was Post a Pretty Picture day. I'm a little late, so here's several;

Robin Meade, from CNN Headline News very early morning show. She's not extremely attractive, and she has a bubbling, cloying naiveté. And yet, something about the fact that she's on when I'm up really gets me.

Debra Lafave, the 23 year old teacher who had sex with her 14 year old male student. Several times. And yet the kid's "traumatised". Bullshit. His mother's traumatised.

Where was Debra when I needed her? Debra, if you're reading, I may yet have a nice juicy apple for you.

Anyway, for those of you worried about me now, it's okay, I do still remember that beautiful women are more beautiful when they're naked.

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