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Politics Quickly

Boy, have I ever got a lot to do to-day. I really oughta get right to it.

A few things of interest;

U.S. Capitol Police officer calls it assault when a small woman hits him in the chest with a cell phone. The woman's also a congresswoman, by the way, and a Democrat.

The other side of this is that some claim the officer only tapped her shoulder after failing to recognise her when she used the congress member's route around a metal detector. I get the feeling there's a lot more to this than meets the eye. Though that "more" may merely be oversensitive denizens of the White House.

Just as I was starting to like Lou Dobbs, the guy goes stupid about immigration. The Daily Show last night confronted him about his expressed desire for the abolishment of St. Patrick's Day. Damnit, Lou.

And his argument against illegal "aliens" always falls apart when someone mentions we can't simply deport eleven thousand people.

Gods damnit, Lou.

He goes to my hall of pigheaded, yet randomly intelligent, misguided political commentators, right next to Christopher Hitchens.

Speaking of inexplicable pigheadedness, Tony Curtis was one of several Academy members who refused to view Brokeback Mountain before voting for the Best Picture Oscar. The hell? What did he think he was doing when he made Spartacus and Some Like it Hot? Not to mention the actual affairs he had with men, which he has discussed in interviews. Tony, are you another victim of Scientology, or some other, even more insidious cult?

Lastly, you should read Poppy Z. Brite's 13 reasons why New Orleans is not OK.

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