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I say this stuff now

Drinking a bit of iced green tea I bought to-day, and consequently wrinkling my nose. I don't get it though. The ingredients say just water, green tea, and barley. Yet it seems to shoot up my nose with a strange latent fizziness. So I still have not found tea to rival the tea I made myself a week ago. Honestly, why can't they just package plain and simple green tea, cold? Jiminy Cricket . . .

I also bought a bucket of instant soba noodles which I think ended up having fish of some sort in it, in spite of fish not being listed on the ingredients. And I, in spite of being a vegetarian, ate some, and am therefore feeling somewhat sick now.

You know what? I don't miss meat at all.

I got a couple of interesting voice mails to-day. The first one was the sound of a telephone ringing, then a male voice answering to say, "Hello?" and I, on instinct, replied, "Uh, hullo?" before a "beep" signalled the end of the voice message.

I'm not sure what happened, but it would appear that my pager actually spontaneously called someone, which I certainly did not know it could do, and am in fact pretty certain it CAN'T do.

The other interesting voice mail was actually, er, not a voice mail but a regular page (sorry to fool your expectations) from my friend Magious. It seems that the CD player in his car, which had been broken for almost two years, abruptly started playing on his way to work this morning. The CD inside was in fact my copy of The Cure's Boys Don't Cry album which had been lodged in there since the thing'd broke those years ago. Amazingly, I'd never gotten around to re-purchasing the album so . . . score for me, yes :)

A few days ago I got a very adorable voice mail from my friend Stef who I think lives in Canada. At the very least, I know she was in a greenhouse. Stef's someone I sporadically have a crush on, although I think it's based purely on the fact that she's got this cool, easy-going thing wherein she's anachronistically non-masochistic for someone of her species (human). Just occasionally I realise, "Hey, this girl's flat out easy to talk to, I could really dig her," but I guess there's really no fuel for that maybe-fire because . . . I dunno. No resultant sparklies from conversation. But then maybe it's just that I've an aversion to having long conversations with most people.

Lately I've been having a look at that aspect of me. At the wedding the other day, I was able to exchange only the most perfunctory of greetings with even old acquaintances before this peculiarly uncomfortable sensation vaguely like how a cat must feel being pet the wrong way comes over me. It happened yesterday when I talked to Trisa on the phone too. In fact, I find I simply do not usually have conversations with people. I find I instinctively avoid them. I have had a few good conversations in my life--in fact, I've had a few with Trisa recently. But always I feel like a kid wading in a pond instead of heartily swimming in a lake.

Oh well. I have YOU, don't I, dear journal? :)
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