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What Blogs Can Be

Here's some scary shit for you this morning;

Kevin Ray Underwood, the guy in Oklahoma who kidnapped, raped, and ate the flesh of a 10 year-old girl, has a blog.

What's especially scary is how similar the guy's blog is to some blogs I read regularly. He even has a link to Wil Weaton's site, which I don't read, but which is a site I sort of like.

And he seems to've been a news junkie. I'm glad there's no link to Boschen and Nesuko on there or something. I'm already feeling like James Stewart's character in Rope, realising how horribly individuals can't misinterpret ideas I often espouse.

I hope Blogger doesn't take the site down, though. This really, I think, shows how blogs can function as anthropological artefacts. Imagine if Jack the Ripper had a blog. Eerie stuff...
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