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Wires, Veins, and Pens

It's been a mildly tumultuous several days. On Saturday, the computer Tim'd given me a week earlier started freezing up at intervals. I finally left it, though, because I'd been looking forward to Saturday like some people look forward to the Super Bowl. I stopped at Taco Bell to bring food with me to Tim's house where he and I watched the entire White House Correspondents dinner on C-SPAN. So we caught not only Colbert's delicious smack down of Bush and the complaisant press, but even Colbert's entrance with his wife and his mugging for cameras.

I came back here to screw around with computer bowels and eventually realised I was going to have to go back to my old computer. This unfortunately also meant I was going to have to re-colour the first two pages of the new Boschen and Nesuko, as well as retype and partially rewrite the script. It's fortunate that I'd decided to write it in my notebook and edit as I typed. I don't always do it that way; I find writing on paper first can remove anxieties over sloppiness and what people might think of it. On the downside, it can come out reading like I was unconcerned with sloppiness or the effect it'd have on anyone. But as it happened, I was basically pleased with the pen script. The only trouble is it was only seven and a half pages long--the last bit'd been written totally on computer. Instead of trying to remember exactly what I wrote, I decided to write something completely different. I can't say for sure which version I think superior. Though, generally, occasions where I've rewritten scripts have been to the advantage of those chapters...

I also played hide-and-seek with a nasty headache hernewshoes tentatively diagnosed as a migraine, but which I'm compelled to call a "Baby Migraine." Meanwhile, my grandmother's idea of replacing the kitchen counters with granite has condemned us to three weeks without a kitchen sink and dishwasher, so mostly we've been using my bathroom to clean dishes. And my grandmother seems to want to treat it as a kitchen satellite, so there's now a jar of peanut butter next to the toilet. I have the honour of being the only person here who's sickened by this fact. But being a Liberal in a Republican household has accustomed me to the sensation.
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