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The Temple of Indiana Jones

So there was no Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for me last night. Tim and I drove to La Jolla, and approached the cinema ten minutes before showtime, to behold an enormous crowd, half of whom were dressed as Indiana Jones.

"Take off your fedora," said Tim. "You look like a tool."

"No," said I.

But we decided to turn around and leave, and thus $3.45/gallon gas was wasted. Probably just as well, as I didn't want a crowd of rabid Indiana Jones fans around me as I paid for my ticket with quarters (money's been tight for me lately). Though I did have the pleasure of purchasing a bottle of thick, green, Naked Super Food from the nearby Ralph's.

The cashier, impatient to finally finish his shift at that late hour, was treated to the spectacle of me fishing around a ziplock baggie for quarters to pay for the $3.85 bottle of juice.

Now I've conflicting plans for to-day, so I'd best choose one...
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