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My Eyelids Block the Sun

Trouble on the path to sleep last night. Another bad headache. Though not as bad as the one I woke up with Sunday morning, which felt like my skull had shrunk overnight, from top to mandible.

For Mother's Day, I went with family to the Prado restaurant at Balboa Park, and I had something called Wild Mushroom Risotto, which contained, in addition to several other varieties of mushrooms, truffles. I'd not had truffles before--it was tasty, but the best part was imagining the pig whose nose found it.

I didn't return until around 7:30pm, at which time I drew a single Boschen and Nesuko panel before I decided, since I wasn't behind yet, I'd convalesce for my headache, which had shored up its forces in my right parietal lobe again. I noticed the side of Nesuko's head that got beaten up recently was the right side. Probably a coincidence . . .

I started playing Baldur's Gate. I played a few hours, my headache growing worse, and my attitude worser still. I grew irrationally angry at the existence of video games, but it was probably good I did, because I then turned from the game to lie down and read with a ziplock bag I'd filled with ice against the nape my neck. That felt glorious. When it was time to sleep, I tried lying on it awhile, but, knowing it was bound to melt and spill eventually while I slept, had to cast it aside.

The headache came back full force, maybe triple because of the pillow's pressure. I didn't sleep well, and was forced to wake up four hours later by the granite guys in the kitchen. Damn, I was tired. I just sat, staring into space, listening to an entire Blonde Redhead album to blot out the noise before I convinced myself I needed to move. I went to Starbucks and bought an iced Americano, which seems to've killed the headache for now. So now I draw.
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