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Stuff in My Way

I'm just not one of those people who can deal with lack of sleep. Not for any practical purposes, anyway. I mean, if I were spending the day playing Nintendo and drinking coffee, it'd be fine. But it's a major nuisance when I'm trying to work on Boschen and Nesuko. I can feel it making me stupid.

I was working on the comic until my eyes hurt and my head felt like it was on fire, before I stopped, realising that I wasn't making good decisions any more. So I packed it up, hoping I'd somehow be in a state to-day where an adequate store of sleep would make it simply a matter of me rolling up my sleeves to catch up, big time. No such luck. Fuck, I hate these workers coming over doing stupid, useless things. And the neighbour with his power tools, probably doing something equally stupid and useless. It's depressing to see other people spending large amounts of time and money to get nothing. It's irritating when it affects me.

Victoria the cat's on my lap right now. I keep trying to tell her she oughta go up stairs, use the litter box and eat some breakfast, before the next round of workmen show up. She's been in my room since last night.

I'm not sure she hasn't eaten in that time, though. Last night, I saw a three inch long lizard in the hall. When I tried to pick it up, it ran into my room. I don't know what became of it--it's probably dying in my clutter somewhere. I only hope it decides to leave or Victoria gets it before the ants do.

Now I guess I'm going to have to muscle through drawings, hoping my raw instincts can make up for my deficient reasoning skills. Fuck.
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