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Where is are.

Already almost out of tea! I needs ta get more . . . That and ramen. But definitely no soba noodles this time.

An exact second ago I closed my eyes and had a vision of a gold skinned woman rolling about on the floor giggling.

To-day was frustrating except when I was visiting with Trisa. And when I was watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I suppose I OUGHT to be looking at want ads, especially as the RadioShack thing looks like it's not gonna happen.

On the other hand, I do plan on taking 16 units next semester, which should be enough of a shock to my system to keep me busy . . . Maybe someone'll hire me as a paper weight.

Just remembered! Trisa gave me some little photo negatives of herself . . . I think I'll go see what I can do with 'em . . . Trisa's very, very pretty if anyone's curious.
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