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Cheerful Happy Fun Post

Victoria the cat, on my lap now, has been hanging out with me almost constantly the past couple days. Maybe she knows that she, my aunt, and the other cats are all moving out in a couple weeks. Maybe it's just been attractively cheerful in my room, what with all the NPR and crooks and liars playing in here while I draw.

Have you ever seen those town hall meetings Bush does, where all the people asking questions are pre-screened to ensure a pure pro-neocon crowd? The questioner often lists a bunch of things he or she feels Bush did right, and finishes with, "So my question is; what can I do for you?" Like worshipers of a bloodthirsty god, offering him more blood.

I imagine myself sneaking in and saying, "Mr. President, young American men and women are being killed, horrifically dismembered, and are losing their minds for your greed while you vacation on your ranch. American lives are quickly sinking into the ravages of nature and an economy designed to reward a rich few while you go jogging, to pray in lieu of planning, and give us a shit eating grin at the end of the day. You support a culture of bigotry as a political ploy, again to satisfy your own greed. So, my question, Mr. President, is; what can I do for you?"

On the freeway to-day, I saw a handmade sign nailed to a construction sign that read simply, "IMPEACH."

It seems obvious. It's seemed obvious for a long time, for reasons beyond the fact that he's irrefutably committed a felony with the NSA programme. Democratic Congress members are constantly asked by pundits and journalists, "If the Democrats win back Congress, will there be impeachment proceedings?" And the Democrats are always very careful not to say exactly. A sure sign that there will be. If the Democrats win back Congress. If there's no more voter fraud. Or if the large portion of the Heartland who are vicious, cloistered bigots, don't come out in droves again.

How wonderful is it that the optimistic view of the elections is that massive voter fraud secured things for Bush.

In an interview with Al Gore on NPR the other day, the interviewer quoted a scientist who said that, if we do nothing before the global warming tipping point ten years from now, the human populace in a hundred years shall be comprised of a few couples living at the poles. I have a feeling one family will be named Bush, another named Bin Laden, and they'll all believe in the "sanctity of marriage."
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