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The floor of the Senate was a sickening spectacle to-day as the Constitutional Amendment designed to discredit same-sex marriage was discussed. Washington State's Democratic Senator, Patty Murray, railed at the Republicans for concentrating on a divisive issue when most Americans are more concerned with healthcare, security, and the war.

Then Republican Senator John Cornyn got up to say the Democrats were ridiculous for suggesting that the sanctity of marriage was less relevant than healthcare. But the bastard sounded remarkably unsure of himself, sweated like a pig, and did not once mention the war.

Of course, the elephant in the room only we at home can see, that the Republicans were advancing a campaign of bigotry under the sickly guise of championing civil rights, was not mentioned. But, then, I didn't watch the whole thing.

Over at the Boschen and Nesuko listing at Online Comics, the folks behind Yamara wished me a happy Devil Day. I was quite pleased to have Nesuko's name associated with it, especially as I'm quite fond of many things popularly associated with Satan these days.

So happy Devil Day, everyone.

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