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Specter of the Situation

I love Crooks and Liars.

This morning on that site, I saw this clip of Jack Cafferty on CNN's The Situation Room calling Senator Arlen Specter a "gutless Republican worm" for passing the buck on the NSA programme to Dick Cheney of all people instead of exercising the requisite congressional oversight.

Then, later to-day, Crooks and Liars had this clip of Arlen Specter appearing on The Situation Room after to-day writing an angry letter to Cheney in which he--he, Republican chairmen--refers to the NSA programme as having broken the law. At the end, Specter praised The Situation Room.

It's nice to see that Fox News isn't the only influential news channel in D.C. Now if they can just corral Lou Dobbs . . .

It seems Arlen Specter isn't a gutless Republican worm. Just a selfish one, as the impetus here seems to be that Cheney made the deal with Orrin Hatch and not Specter.
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