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Lights Going Out or Not Turning On

The light bulb in the ceiling fan burned out on Monday. So I put in this new curly one that looks like a bee-stung albino pig's tail that's supposed to last for years. It burned out yesterday.

Light bulbs are constantly burning out here. Maybe I'm putting them in wrong. It doesn't bother me too much. All I really need is the desk lamp. I don't usually have the lights on at all when I colour.

I've been quite on the ball with Boschen and Nesuko this fortnight, which is nice after the last one, where I got a bit behind at one point. Actually, my whole focus is a lot sharper with this chapter, I think, in part, because it's a lot more challenging for me.

But I've been getting done as early as 12:30am or so (I usually get started at around 4:30pm). I'd probably get done even earlier if I didn't have The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on from 11pm to midnight. Mostly I've just been listening to music for this chapter; Kate Bush, Ani DiFranco, Elvis Costello, The Dresden Dolls, Charlie Parker, Nine Inch Nails . . .

Yesterday I had Celebrity Poker on until Jennifer Tilly lost, at which point there wasn't much point, as I didn't care about Fred Savage and Ida What's-Her-Name. Tilly was the draw, being a slightly drink, slightly underdressed talkative lady; "My boobs are hanging out! I'm cute . . . I need another drink." And the poker expert commentator; "Jennifer's using a technique to work the crowd, to get some energy going."

I guess it's Thursday, so I have to go. I really want to go back to sleep; I only got four hours. But drat, I can't . . .
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