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The past

I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight because someone has been a bit of a prick to me. So. I imagine that I shall get a lot of mad work done.

I had a really strange day yesterday. I ran into this girl I had a crush on in sixth grade which was really, um, peculiar. Especially since it was at North County Fair, which is a mall a good distance from town that I think of as a little distant satellite where I can go to get away. It was, as you might imagine, an awkward conversation as we were two people that recognised each other, yet had nothing to say to the other, and really no particular interest in an extended dialogue.


Y'see, she was a Starbucks employee so I talked to her as she was making my drink and I therefore noticed that this Starbucks is prolly the ONLY Starbucks in San Diego county (and it's just barely San Diego county) that still uses the old espresso machines.

And boy, does it ever make a difference. I was reminded of why it is I like lattes so much, and it put me in a hell of a good mood. And it also dawned on me that this machine at North County Fair is prolly why I've so often driven away from that mall feeling really peachy.

Heh:) As I sipped the thing I imagined myself growing up to resemble Angelo Badalamenti's character in Mulholland Drive.


To-day I found my old Sin Osanap sourcebook, and am currently on a little nostalgic journey through my old artwork and writings, and finding myself oddly unembarrassed by a lot of it.

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