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What the World Needs Now

Buffoons of the news media can't get over the fact that the Dixie Chicks don't like Bush (never mind that their criticisms aren't very remarkable). Bruce Springsteen's talked smack about El Presidente. And Neil Young's released a whole album about this administration's foul policies.

But it wasn't on until to-day. And you know why?

'Cause now Burt Bacharach is pissed.

If I were Bush--a version of Bush who could use a computer, anyway--I'd think this would have to put me over the edge. It'd be like seeing Santa Claus go on television and saying that not only was I a bad boy this year, I was forever irredeemable in his eyes. Certainly Bush deserves that and worse.

My sister's put me in charge of her fish while she's on vacation. It's a beta called Dharma, and I'm not sure I'm taking care of her properly. I give her a pinch of food twice a day, and she seems happy enough. But her tiny life seems so precarious somehow . . .

I haven't much else to say right now, so here's video of Billie Holiday singing "Strange Fruit".
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