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Lizards, Crustaceans, and Rabbits

By 5am this morning, I couldn't believe how much I'd fit into my waking hours. Not only did I pencil two Boschen and Nesuko pages, and ink three, I also fooled around with YouTube, watched an episode of School Rumble, an episode of another anime series called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (which, two episodes in, has been rather impressive), and had gone for a longish walk.

There's this ravine next to the house with a couple lake-like bodies of water, lots of green trees with drooping branches, and a general, almost bog like atmosphere of insects and mud, crazily mixed with dry swathes of dirt, and overrun with rabbits. I take a route through there regularly when I walk to Starbucks or Tacos mi Pueblo or the bank. The area's usually swarming with rabbits--they're almost like a disrupted anthill. But last night there was also a peculiar abundance of alligator lizards and at one point, I saw a crayfish walking across the dirt road. It was a tiny dark shape in the corner of my eye, moving in slow motion on its skinny legs before I realised what it was. I guess he was crossing from one lake to another, or maybe some kid left him there. He froze when he saw me, and I knelt to stare at him awhile.

Come to think of it, is it normal for a crayfish to decide he wants to cross a dry dusty road? It seems damn peculiar to me.

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