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The Giant American and the Little Alien

One thing I forgot to say about Superman Returns the other day;

Perry White has this line, you've probably seen it in the trailers, about Superman; "Does he still stand for truth, justice--all that stuff?"

Hmm, what's missing from that statement? Personally, I entirely understand where Singer's coming from. I can't wait for someone on Fox News to bitch about it; "What, is Superman too good for the American way, now?" Just so I can then hear the silent but emphatic "yes" coming from the whole world.

YouTube is deadly addictive. I spent hours this morning watching Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, The Dresden Dolls, and Mazzy Star.

I loved this Mazzy Star appearance on Conan O'Brian. Conan looks like he's going to destroy poor little Hope Sandoval with his handshake.
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