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Unsth Mor Intho t'Beecheer Freen . . .

Damn, sleeping at night is hard. I managed it only fitfully. I think I got five hours, broken up quite a bit before I admitted defeat at around 4am.

I didn't end up doing much besides vegetate yesterday. I watched the last five episodes of School Rumble's first season. The last episode was really strange, though I think maybe I'd have preferred it be a smidgeon stranger. It was bizarre, yet made a lot of sense at the same time.

I also read an article sovay sent me a link to. It explores the similarities between Taxi Driver and Notes from the Underground, and was quite interesting.

I'm glad July 4 is over. Though I think it was the July 4 I was in my life most insensible of. I watched anime in my dark, closed room and fell asleep as the distant thumps of fireworks began their dirge.

To-day I need to work on the new Boschen and Nesuko script, so I'm unhappy at my lack of sleep. I always have a harder time telling if I'm writing well this way.

I suppose I'll just suckle the coffee teat a little harder . . . (that's coffee, not Coffy, though I wouldn't mind the latter either).
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