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Quick Rules: Put down the first thing that pops into your head. Don't Delete and try again. Stick to your first answer!:

1. Cigarettes: Chew toy.

2. Sex: Spleen.

3. Relationships: Goggle.

4. Your Last Ex: Red.

5. Power rangers: Goblin.

6. Marijuana: Green.

7. Crack: Crackerjack.

8. Food: Lund.

9. This President: Manure.

10. War: Ron Perlman.

11. Cars: Faces.

12. Gas Prices: Sick dinosaurs.

13. Halloween: Candy corn.

14. Bon Jovi: Wanted (waaa-ned!). Dead or a-live.

15. Religion: Stone.

16. MySpace: Severed monkey tail.

17. Worst Fear: Stomach slime.

18. Marriage: Al Bundy.

19. Fashion: Turn to the left.

20. Brunettes: Caramel.

21. Redheads: Apple.

22: Work: Fluorescent.

23: Pass the time: Orange clock.

24. One night stands: HBO Original.

25. Cellphones: Plastic.

26: Pet Peeves: Green and furry.

27: Pixie Stixx: Tiny penises.

28: Vanilla Ice Cream: Black.

29: Porta Potties: Fat Albert.

30: High school: Stucco.

31: Pajamas: Doris Day.

32. Wood: Plank.

33. Surfers: Salt.

34. Pictures: Girls.

35. First True Love: Horrible.

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