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If You Wait, the Sky Spins

Sunday was such a little day. I pushed Saturday night to 4am, watching more Tom Waits videos on YouTube. So I got up at around noon. I'm beginning to wonder if I can really keep up this daytime schedule. I slept from 2am to 9am this time, but my doubt's not quite allayed.

I find something really dispiriting about sunlight. It just seems to reveal crumbling concrete and dying plants. And it's really fucking bright. And hot. This has been an update.

I did still manage to do yesterday's Boschen and Nesuko page, and was surprised when I managed to convey more in a couple panels than I meant to but really, actually, needed to. Sometimes you just have to let things ooze through the seams by themselves.

The night before had put me in a serious Tom Waits mood, so I decided to listen to every Tom Waits album I have, in chronological order. At one time, the only Tom Waits albums I didn't have were The Heart of Saturday Night and Foreign Affairs. But I lost my copy of Heart Attack and Vine about a year ago, and yesterday I couldn't find Swordfishtrombones anywhere. Still, I've a lot of Tom Waits albums. I went from Closing Time to Rain Dogs yesterday, so I'm starting with Frank's Wild Years to-day.

Hang on, Saint Christopher . . .
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