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Coffee needer

What're those little centre suspension vehicles called that babies drive? That's what my head feels like right now--like my skull's the frame while my brain is suspended in the centre of my head by bungee chords. And whenever I move, the thing bounces, although it never seems to hit the inside walls. I bet that would really smart.

Hhehehe. My head smart.

Well, I was gonna try to get some work done to-night, but now, thanks to this headache, I'm not sure that I shall, and I’m beginning to have serious regrets about leaving Trisa's so early and abruptly.

I think what I chiefly need is coffee . . .

Ah yeah. My soul warms at the thought. A big doubleplusgood grin wants to break out on my face just at the idea.

That reminds me!


Trisa's mum; "Are you old enough to remember 1984?"

Setsuled; "I have very vivid memories of 1984. It was when Oceania was at war with Eurasia, and I was dodging the thought police . . ."

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