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Instead of Sleeping . . .

Meme taken from robyn_ma;

A. Pick 16 of your favorite movies.
B. Then pick one of your favorite quotes from each movie.
C. Post the quotes in your journal.
D. Have those on your friends list try to guess what the movie is. NO GOOGLING ALLOWED. EITHER YOU KNOW IT OR YOU DON'T.
E. Bold the quote once it has been correctly identified and place the guesser’s username directly after the quote.

F. All those you all lose at in blue.

1. "Don't believe everything you hear on the radio." Citizen Kane

2. "I don't mind if you don't like my manners, I don't like them myself. They are pretty bad. I grieve over them on long winter evenings." The Big Sleep hernewshoes

3. "Sorry we were gone so long but we had to pick up Hank!" The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

4. "Two people dead, just so we can live without working!" Deadly Is the Female

5. "Nimble little minx." Ghostbusters robyn_ma

6. "Yeah, he's a nice kid, pretty kid, don't know whether to fuck him or fight him." Raging Bull robyn_ma

7. "They must be here for the sheep." Hellboy

8. "Some people take, some people get took. And they know they're getting took and there's nothing they can do about it." The Apartment

9. "I told you it was no place for a nunnery. There's something in the atmosphere that makes everything seem exaggerated. Don't you understand? You must all get away before something happens." Black Narcissus gumperite

10. "I always think of my murderers as my heroes." Suspicion

11. "Get out of my way, Johnny, I'm gonna spit!" Scarface (1932)

12. "Emily, I have a confession to make. I really am a horse doctor. But marry me and I'll never look at another horse." A Day at the Races hernewshoes

13. "After being bombarded endlessly by road safety propaganda it's almost a relief to have found myself in an actual accident." Crash (1996) stsisyphus

14. "Did you hear that my pet? All these years they've been looking for a baby." Sleeping Beauty misalady

15. "Just to look at you makes me feel better. It warms this--this mummy's heart of mine. And you're so kind to me. No, that's not it. You're so young, so healthy." Ikiru hernewshoes

16. "What's a matter, Gisbourne? Run out of hangings?" The Adventures of Robin Hood chris_walsh
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