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My home

Last night I, in a dream, was in my perfect home.

It was part of a larger structure, like a flat or condo. But I didn't see anything outside my own door--and my flat had no windows.

I think it was underground. The first room, which one would see upon entering the flat looked actually like a corridor, coming straightaways from one's left, then continuing to one's right, the corridor curves inwards. In fact, this corridor goes ‘round the room's entire parameter, which is egg shaped. The middle pod contains several miniature parallel corridors (above five, I think) and each corridor contains either several cabinets or television sets with video game console systems.

Two other corridors actually branch off from this egg room. One leads to my bedroom, which has its own bathroom, while the other, extending from the opposite side of the egg room, leads to a guest room and another bathroom.

The walls were sculpted from the earth, supporting the idea that this was a subterranean place. They had a slightly warm, yellowish colour from the dim yellowish lights illuminating the place.

I felt very safe there.

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