June 25th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Food Eater!

An inneresting dinner for me--Finding an old can of vegetarian chile with refried beans given to me long ago by one of my grandmothers, which, if I'm deciphering the numbers correctly, went bad sometime in 1748, I dumped the contents into a small microwavable glass bowl. Cheerfully imagining the quaint, elegant and frilly costumes of the good people that had packaged the chile, I set to tearing strips off a stick of string cheese and layering them over the bowls contents. Then, placing the lid lightly on the bowl, I placed my little meal in the microwave and proceeded to listen disinterestedly both to its ingredients exploding and splurting out of the poor, inadequete little container, and the mysterious new anchor of Nightline who was neither Ted Koppel nor the usual Psuedo-Koppel blond guy.

After the microwave's little alarm beaped at me, signalling the completion of its mission, I began the uphill battle of removing the thing, causing many fragments of paper towel to add themselves to my little recipe.

Finally, all was in readiness, and I managed to deliver the entire contents of the bowl to my mouth via tortilla chips before Pollitically Incorrect started.

I have the best life in the world.
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Salt Precaution

Coffee Drinker!

I must say, for the record, that there are few things in this life finer than sitting at ease, sipping coffee, and watching your companion doing all sorts of difficult math problems relating vaguely to chemistry while you yourself have no work you have to do at all.

Actually, though, my companion, the lovely and incomparable Trisa, has, as I informed her, such a massive monilith of things-to-do, responsiblities, and otherwise vexxing STUFFS, that the thing actually protrudes out of her head casting a looming, imposing shadow that, to some extent, intimidates even I, the Great Trompé Setsuled. It makes me want to enfold her in big, comforting warm wings, much like the giant gargoyle in the animated Night on Bald Mountain at the end of Fantasia. Except I wouldn't make grimacing, gargoyley faces at her.

But she was probably the keenest component of my very keen day. What on earth did I do to deserve such a wonderfully sweet life? Honestly? Damn, I feel good . . .
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