July 2nd, 2002

Salt Precaution

Action !

Cookies and Cream ice cream, I find, takes on a decidedly differently flavour after it's been mixed with the powder spices from a packet of Top Ramen. Although I did discover a better way to heat water today than I had previously been employing. That is, I used a teapot instead of the microwave.

Maybe I should make some tea. But it seems like too much of a diversion . . . But what am I doing? I guess I don't know. But I know that in a few moments, I shall definitely begin working on SOMETHING.

A friend of mine surprised and delighted me today by sending me some exquisite pictures of herself without clothing, making for a day that was oddly interesting considering that I almost never left this room. For all the time I've spent in this room for the past few weeks, I've gotten very little done indeed. I intend to change that soon.

I've certainly PLANNED enough projects. But when to act? Shall I act now? Am I acting now . . . ?
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Salt Precaution

The Thirst

My mouth tastes strange. I need a beverage. What beverage?

Huh? What did you say, Entry Just Below This One? Oh! Tea! You're right, that IS a good idea!
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    Jack Kerouac - Ain't We Got Fun?
Salt Precaution

How productive I am!

I just spent well over an hour making Sylvia Plath desktop wallpapers. I thought to myself--"I bet NO ONE has ever thought of making Sylvia Plath wallpaper!"

I really had to do some doctoring to the images, since there does not seem to be ANY good sized images of Plath on the internet. So I increased the sizes, and then played around with blurring, brightness and contrast to make the images look "cool" rather than "stretched out". I like my results, although, I think, not as much as the keen Tori Amos wallpaper I had up earlier. Oh well. Change is important now and then.
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Salt Precaution

The only coffee ever made

I have been bestowed with the honour of being the One--THE first One in history to have a cup of coffee. Not the pale, shadow coffees that now populate the world, but the actual coffee, black as a black pearl, thick as honey, with the mighty, rapier-finger pinch of flavour.

I am now about to take my first sip . . .

oh . . . . dear . . . gods . . . Gentle reader . . .you don't KNOW. You don't--no, you don't. It resides in its vastness, its heartbreaking girth behind the big oily cedar doors inside you all . . . but for me . . . the doors have opened a crack . . . I mean . . . Oh . . . oh . . .
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