July 4th, 2002

Salt Precaution


There are people that come into our lives sometimes when we're very lucky and I suppose, in a sense, we've been very good, that open doors to new experiences for us. In this case, such a person introduced me to the iced strawberry mocha.

I love strawberries. I had reaffirmed my love for strawberries just this afternoon with strawberry yoghurt. And like any other sane citizen, I love coffee. But COMBINING the two flavours had never occurred to my noodle. The perfection was shockingly perfect. The flavours bonded as naturally as two hydrogen atoms bond with one oxygen atom.

. . .

This morning I watched in horror has a militia of tiny, scrawny men covered with stringy, wispy black hair, furiously tore apart the backyard and a good portion of the inside of the house. Their cruel, curved claws tore bloody gashes into people who I'd never noticed before. Rows of tiny sharp teeth devoured anything with blood and a circulatory system.

I was afraid.
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Salt Precaution

Where do I GO?!

Oh, where shall I point my nose NOW?! I can't be here for several hours . . . I have to go somewhere ELSE! Fucking Fourth of July . . . everybody's prolly gonna be home barbequing or slathering themselves with vegetable oil or something. And I can't sleep in public, of course, without being a thoughtcriminal.

That's what I'm talking about here--sleep. I was out with The Lovely Trisa until 2am, and then I came here and proceeded not to sleep until 4am, only to find myself awake again at 7am, prodded to vacate the premises forthwith. Where do I GO!? I WANT to not go ANYWHERE! SO bad. Blah.

I suppose I'll take a seat at Starbucks and work on my novel. I can write without sleep, although cannot read in this state. And that's vaguely interesting I think.

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