July 5th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Mysteries and Catastrophes

My very good friend found herself in yet another car accident this evening, and as always, it was genuinely not her fault--unless she had inadvertently, gravely insulted a very influential deity, which would actually explain a lot. This time around, she suffered some aggravation to a back injury that she had gotten from her previous car accident.

So, I did for her the only sensible thing I could--I read to her over the phone The Girl Detective by Kelly Link.

I saw a lot of stupid people today--individuals who normally kept themselves indoors, I suppose, on days that are not the Fourth of July. I think some of them were responsible for the annoying loud booms accompanying equally annoying twinkly explosions of light in the sky. I wish I had been spared that, but unfortunately I was in my car on the way here when that ceremony began *sigh*.
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Salt Precaution

The space in your ocean

I dreamt last night that a monarch--a Queen, I think--sent me on a quest.

She gave me two tubes of lipstick--one black and one red. The red one's container was, somehow, in the shape of a fist sized red wagon wheel, and the lipstick was to be used for navigation. The black lipstick was in a regular tube, and I was informed that it would allow me to breathe underwater.

So I swam out to the middle of the ocean, which was utterly black, despite the bright blue sky. I treaded water for awhile--I was afraid to go through with it. I mean, the ocean seemed SO utterly, vastly deep and I knew how easy it would be to lose my little form in that heavy never-ending cold blackness. And I had no way to test out the black lipstick.

Finally, I just went for it--diving down into that cold emptiness. The Queen had told me to wait until I reached a distance in the water where I knew I would not have enough breath to return to the surface, then apply the lipstick. I did this, fumbling in the solemn, subtly roaring darkness for that little plastic tube.

It worked.

I could only breathe through my nose, but I COULD breathe.

Now, using the red lipstick, I easily sped through enormous distances of this void--and I noticed that it wasn't quite a void. There were stars out there--tiny, almost too tiny to see, little pinpricks of lights. They were most discernable whenever I turned, for then they would swirl about me. When I moved in a straight line, the stars did not appear to move at all.

I began to see planets. Great imposing spheres, at times, when I flew close. But I passed several of them before I reached my destination planet. It was a world with bright blue seas and rocky, or desert covered continents. From orbit, I could see several miniscule, twinkling dots that represented the cities of this world.

I remained in orbit, looking for the proper city to land in . . . but none of the cities would permit me to land. Of course, dismay filled my heart, and I kept orbit, wondering what to do.

Then I woke up.
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