July 9th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Morrissey knows about love

Ah, another delicious evening for me. Watched a whole buncha Smiths videos with the wonderful Trisa. Then we watched a Bjork performance which was sweet and featured a man playing The Cards.

My friend Trisa had earlier in the day stumbled upon a piece of fan art my friend Cryptess had done for me--on a page I myself had never seen before. It was with no small amount of delighted surprise that I viewed it upon returning this evening--Damn it's swell to have friends that make you feel like a celebrity :)

I had some vegetarian meatballs earlier to-day that have by now matured into very intellectually stimulating individuals. When I was out driving with them, we carried on a most spirited discussion on the delusions and illusions people have about intimate relationships.

"Why can't we just come out and say to people how we feel and what we want?" I mused aloud at one point.

The veggie meatballs were quiet for several moments. Then one of them said, "It's a tangled web of sensitive veins, sentient emotions. Sometimes you can see your goal directly before you--but you mustn't simply bolt towards it, as those delicate networks of veins can, at these times of passion, be nigh invisible. So a charging bull could rip them to shreds, thereby ruining everything,"

Another veggie-ball put in, "Yeah. And anyway, it's more satisfying to assimilate yourself to the emotional landscape of the other person,"

A younger veggie-ball asked, "But isn't there a danger of getting your identity caught in the other's web? Thereby losing it?"

"Sometimes," said the elder morsel, "But also, it can mean learning more about yourself, and growing,"

The veggie-meatball looked at me warmly, "It's almost like a chess game. And it's important to learn things from great rock stars, like Morrissey. He's celibate, you know,"

I smiled, "You know what? I'm very happy I met you guys," and I was.

We were listening to Aimee Mann's I'm With Stupid album very loudly, by the way, which is an excellent album to listen to very loud.
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