July 11th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Not buying the farm

I just spent maybe fifteen minutes in Best Buy just standing in front of and staring at the Legend special edition DVD trying to decide if I should buy it. It wasn't until the fifteen minutes were up that I finally came to the firm resolution that I maybe prolly shouldn't. So I didn't.

The Legend DVD was about twenty dollars and I still want it very badly--I mean, there's a full 30 minutes put back in the film, plus a new Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack . . . It seems quite evident that all the unfulfilled potential of that film WAS, incredibly, in fact fulfilled. And we would have all known that if the studio hadn't been a bitch back when the thing was in theatres.


So then I went next door to Borders and stood in front of The Chronicles of Narnia, complete in one volume, for only about twenty dollars. I didn't get it--but of course I really want it. I've not read the Narnia books since my mum sold my collection back when I was in . . . seventh grade I think.

I then wandered to the comic book section to look at the twenty dollar volume one of Elfquest--a series my friend Cryptess has recommended to me many, many times. And I didn't get that either.

Leaving the mall, I swear there was a massive twenty-dollar bill shaped shadow hovering over my car.

*sigh, part 2*

Speaking of Cryptess, I wonder what the hell ever happened to her and Richard. They were supposed to be in Seattle on Monday . . . I hope their plane didn't crash. I sat around thinking about it this morning--if their plane DID crash, how in the world would I ever find out about it? I don't watch the news much, and even if I did, would I be able to connect a reported plane crash with my friends' disappearance?

Man. I hope they didn't die.
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