July 16th, 2002

Salt Precaution

I'm no diddler

Cryptess and Richard aren't dead! They just e-mailed me--and boy, whatta relief off MY mind, truly.

Just finished reading Diddling: Considered as One of the Exact Sciences by Edgar Allan Poe and I have decided that I am not equipped to diddle. Today I also realised how very much PJ Harvey resembles a young David Bowie except with less of a sense of humour.

I also watched an incredible movie entitled Tape. It took place entirely in one room and featured brilliant dialogue.

Hwee hwaa! And I shall say no more because I'm not really awake anyway.
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Salt Precaution

Icy and green

I purchased the green tea I'm currently drinking some time ago, at a Japanese mini-mall called Mitsuwa. The stuff is very potent looking, and its bags don't hold it very well, resulting in little trails of green cloud floating the wake of the bag as one moves it through the air. So one has to get it in the cup quick so as not to lose the bulk of it. I'm currently drinking it iced and it is ABSOLUTELY fantastic.

It's important that I drink tea now, as it was the one unfulfilled item on yesterday's to-do list.

To-day's to-do list? Attempt to maintain my disorderly M.O.
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