July 17th, 2002

Salt Precaution

A person

When I came in this evening, I thought I saw a dead old woman with long, straight, tangled gray hair staring anxiously at the mirror, in the bathroom lit only by the soft orange glow of a nightlight.

I'm pretty sure I imagined it though.
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Salt Precaution

Not omens

After waking up this morning, I looked at the clock and saw that it was precisely 9:11am. But I decided that that is NOT a bad omen, because I'm told there's no such thing as omens.

Last night, on the way home while listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, I saw the aftermath of a truly terrible looking car accident. It blocked the whole intersection up and the police were too busy to regulate traffic so I and another car had to cautiously make our way through the chaos. I mean, it looked pretty serious. I saw several people on stretchers whose heads were zipped over. I guess I was a little rattled because after passing the accident, I began singing along with Jack the Pumpkin King, "WHAT is THIS?!"

Was this a bad omen? Of course not.

Earlier yesterday, while driving my friend Trisa to school, we saw a more minor accident that had utterly destroyed the rear portion of a very expensive looking car. We were listening to the Princess Mononoke soundtrack.

Was this a bad omen? Naw.

The reason I was driving Trisa to school is that her car is having some problems lately. Yet despite this, she's driving herself to work this morning. And naturally, she's gonna be JUST fine.

Yesterday, when I was waiting to pick her up from children's hospital (where she works), I saw, and very much heard, a helicopter land on the roof of the hospital. Last night, I dreamt that this helicopter lost control over Santee (the suburb of San Diego where I mainly live) and crashed, resulting in a horrible accident.

And that was a dream. Not, of course, an omen.

I'm down to, literally, my last dollar to-day. One dollar precisely. And THAT is what I ought to be worried about. Certainly not things that aren't omens . . . but still . . .
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