July 21st, 2002

Salt Precaution

Great faces

Just finished watching The Man Who Cried. A very good-looking film, replete with elegant 30s/40s fashions, solid/sombre crisp blacks, whites, and reds in the predominate colour palette, and a very luscious Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp.

Also a very talented cast--not only Ricci and Depp, but also John Tuturo and Cate Blanchet with a small role for Harry Dean Stanton who actually manages to conceal his southern accent. Mostly.

Maybe the most interesting thing to me was the director's (Sally Potter I think the name was) use of Christina Ricci's and Johnny Depp's wonderfully expressive faces to tell so very much of the story, rather than relying on dialogue. I mean, those two have faces that can directly inject the viewer with their feelings. If I had merely read the screenplay, I might have called the story mildly interesting. Having seen these actors play out the scenes, I say the story is utterly remarkable.

The movie also gets thumbs up from me for featuring a scene where Christina Ricci sings one of my favourite songs, Gloomy Sunday.
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Salt Precaution


Harrison Ford's genuinely a good actor and so's Liam Neesan. The story was very interesting, but unfortunately the director wasn't very good, and that ruined the whole thing.

It did serve as a reminder, though, of how similar Russian Communist bureaucracy was to American Capitalist bureaucracy. And the spirit of true communism was still kinna beautiful, no matter how fucked up the Russian government was.
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