July 23rd, 2002

Salt Precaution

Love to laugh

Feeling much better for having watched some Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I mean, everyone I've ever loved could have their throats cut open by pirates, and I'd still get my spirits lifted to brimful by a good episode of MST3K.

Discovered the tea I bought to-day happens to have rice in it. And that the rice milk I bought to-day has vanilla. But one things for sure--the greatest deficiency in myself has been removed; I now have large containers of cold beverages close at hand.

To-day I purchased and began to read Book the Third in the Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket. I'm about halfway through, and I must say, the Aunt Josephine character reminds me of my mother, and an elderly Howard Hughes--Yes, my mum reminds me of an elderly Howard Hughes. Those of you who have met my mother yet don't know her that well prolly think that the idea that those two could have anything in common is ludicrous. Which just goes to show the kind of expert façade my mum erects.

I wonder when I'll see my mum, sister, and dad again? I pissed my mum off . . . was it two days ago? I'll wanna wait at least a week and a half I think.

Kinna sucks that this should just so happen to coincide with both Trisa's disinterest in me and Cryptess's and Richard's disappearance.

Oh well. I do have MST3K . . .
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