August 2nd, 2002

Salt Precaution

Here I go

Well a conversation with Cryptess, a big strong cup of coffee, and some work on my one-day-it-really-shall-be-finished poetry website has managed to keep me awake. Now it's time for me to deal with this asshole world.

And I don't wanna!

*sigh* Just found out that the Comicon costs actually 25 dollars to get in instead of the 20 dollars that I thought, so, since I'm paying for both Trisa and myself, I need to figure out to-day where to get an extra ten dollars. I think I can sell some CDs . . . or maybe luck will shine on me . . . we'll see.

I just hope I stay reasonably conscious to-day.
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Salt Precaution

You're with stupid (oh yes you are)

Ah, beware of Setsuled's pride. It can do things like utterly sour a meeting with Trisa while she's just trying to do him a favour. Damn. I wonder if it's due to the lack of sleep or am I just intrinsically a jerk at times? Damn. I hope my bungling hasn't done anything permanent . . .
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    Bing Crosby and David Bowie - Little Drummer Boy
Salt Precaution

Oh la la la looch ti-dah! Ti-dah, DAH! Doooo . . . dou.

Uck. Refried beans've left aftertaste on my tongue curiously like that of vanilla coke.

I'm so sleep ready. My system is sleep-certified. I can make myself sleep on command; it's neat. Watch!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . ..

There! I'm a neat guy, ne? (for the record, I really did drop off for a moment there).

After a bit of deliberation, I've decided to go to the Comicon anyway and not let dismay over the fact that Trisa's gonna miss it for no real corporeal reason whatsoever(except for my stupidity), get in my way.

(hey! I just noticed that some of the buttons on my shirt have neon orange stickers on them!)

I picked up a job application at Victoria's Secret to-day, and I'm very tantalised by the prospect of taking my involuntary sexual repression up to an exciting new pitch.

Trio of strange days, I think, this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. What shall come next? I hope it's a bottle of water 'cos I'm thirsty.
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