August 4th, 2002

Salt Precaution

A tiringly wonderful day

Well, as you can see from the fact that I'm just now getting home, my sleeping schedule is utterly fucked. But that's okay. It's good in my view of things.

Lotsa things about to-day--er, I really should call it yesterday--were good in my view.

I'm really feeling too tired now to talk about them . . . but what the hell.

The Comicon was pretty keen. Although there wasn't very much interesting there.

Pioneer had a very large, detailed set of some ruined old cathedral as a promotion for Hellsing, a series that is a great deal more popular than I hadmthought it was. Inside, at a desk, and dressed in a costume well resembling that of has character, was the English voice actor for the series' central character, Alucard, whose name, you may notice, is Dracula spelled backwards. And judging from the fact that the title was obviously taken from the eccentric protagonist of Stoker's novel, Dr. Abraham Von Hellsing, one can at the very least assume that the series has a lot to do with Dracula. Except the one episode I've seen seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with Dracula . . .

I saw a lot of nice costumes while I was there, my favourites being a perfect, to T, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Sohryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion. There were also keen resemblers of the Nazgul, Han Solo, Qui Gon Jinn, Indiana Jones, and, erm, Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back garb. There really seemed to be a Harrison Ford festival going about.

I sat down and listened to Ray Bradbury for a while, who was there answering questions and stuff, and he said something very embarrassing about 9/11 which I shall not repeat here because I do like the man and I'm very sleepy.

Perhaps the biggest thrill for me was after listening to a panel discussion with the Too Much Coffee Man magazine editor/writer team whose only member that was recognisable to me was Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), I approached one of the senior writer/editor people and actually asked him if he would hire me and had him respond with a maybe and a giving to me of his card--whilest meanwhile Vasquez stood beside the guy I was talking to, listening to my conversation, and I was too dumbfoundedly nervous to even identify myself as a fan. (Fucking gods, would you LOOK at the length of that sentence?).

What kept me up until about five hours into to-day? This was Trisa and I downloading all sorts of things at random, for fun.
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Salt Precaution

Coffee needer

What're those little centre suspension vehicles called that babies drive? That's what my head feels like right now--like my skull's the frame while my brain is suspended in the centre of my head by bungee chords. And whenever I move, the thing bounces, although it never seems to hit the inside walls. I bet that would really smart.

Hhehehe. My head smart.

Well, I was gonna try to get some work done to-night, but now, thanks to this headache, I'm not sure that I shall, and I’m beginning to have serious regrets about leaving Trisa's so early and abruptly.

I think what I chiefly need is coffee . . .

Ah yeah. My soul warms at the thought. A big doubleplusgood grin wants to break out on my face just at the idea.

That reminds me!


Trisa's mum; "Are you old enough to remember 1984?"

Setsuled; "I have very vivid memories of 1984. It was when Oceania was at war with Eurasia, and I was dodging the thought police . . ."
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