August 13th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Pepsi fucked up!!!!!!!!!

Quick! Don't take Pepsi Blue!! It's made from PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

Seriously, it's fucking vile. Skip it.

Cherry coke is still fabulous though.

I had a scary dream last night, I forgot to mention. I dreamt an angry, pretty girl was screaming at me out in the dark desert. That I'd screwed something up . . . and I couldn't figure what, I kept being hated and hated . . .
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Salt Precaution

Now THIS is a beverage!!

Into the blender I put half a can of applesauce, then I crumbled atop this a slice of cinnamon toast, and then finally poured on top of it a goodly portion of rice milk.

It tasted better on the first few sips than it did later, and it leaves this peculiar feeling of "thickness" in my throat.

Still, it certainly beats Pepsi Blue.


I realised this morning that roughly 75% of all my blood relatives are out of town to-day. This reaffirms my feeling of not having a family, and I kinna like that. Because to-day I was thinking about how boring families are. Well, I suppose my mum is criminally insane, my sister is charming and pitiable, and my dad's a fireman. So they have that going for them.

All of my friends have very boring families, though. Sorry to any of yous reading, but it's just true.

Indeed, a good 96% of the people I've encountered in my life are boring, most of the exceptions I've made sure to indoctrinate as friends of mine. So the odds are completely against their family being interesting as well--I mean, two interesting people, just happening to spawn in the same house? Unlikely.

Now, people aren't born boring. Boring is something cultivated, quite often with pride. I think this is one of the reasons that pride of any sort is completely disgusting to me.
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